Quilt Gallery

Custom "Wildlife Quilt" Designs
by Margaret Wolff and Eric Sloan

Black Panther in the Rain Forest

1st Prize Winner
International Airbrush Challenge
sponsored by Aztek Airbrush P&B Textiles

When in our shop, be sure to see our quilt displays throughout our shop. We even have a display to see how our quilts will look on a bed.

Margaret Wolff and Eric Sloan are now combining their skills as appliqué artist and airbrush airtist respectively to create original design, one-of-a-kind, Wildlife Quilts. We'll be happy to design a unique quilt for you if you will provide us with an approximate size, color scheme, animal or bird that you would like. Call or email us for details.

A story to touch your heart
Several years ago a lovely lady named Dufie Bushnell brought us a quilt top that had been made by "Grandma Susie."  It was in need of restoration, then was to be hand quilted.  Dufie and Gerry Bushnell's daughter, Prudence, had been appointed U.S. Ambassador to Kenya and the quilt, when we completed the repairs and quilting, was to go with Prudence to be placed in the lobby of the U.S. Embassy in Kenya.  After the recent bombing of our Embassy, Prudence reported to her Mother that Grandma Susie's quilt was missing and she believed it had been taken from the wall and used to wrap the body of a dead Kenyan who had served in the Embassy. A fitting use.

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