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Heartworks Quilt Restoration and Finishing

"Old Beauties"

Featuring good old quilts

We have been restoring old quilts and doing hand quilting for the past 25 years or so and just love the look and feel of these "Old beauties". Customers bring their good old quilts and tops to us from all over the country. Some come in with their owner, some arrive in the mail but regardless of how they arrive, they all tell a story. Many old quilt tops have been found in the attic, in trunks and closets in various stages of completion. Some are uncovered when family homes are sold. Sometimes we know who made them, sometimes it remains a mystery. Nevertheless the colors, patterns, feel and smell of them brings us to another time. There is a lot of history in these old quilts. We thought that perhaps you would like to learn from them as we do. So we will embark on a history lesson through quilts, please join us.

Grandmothers Flower Garden

"Allison's Quilt"

Last Summer a very nice gentleman from Boston brought us a pile of quilts that had all been started by his mother, Roma Colton before her death. He asked if we could finish them. One by one we have been taking them apart, putting them back together and bringing them to life with quilting. They all have a story as all quilts do. This one was being made for Allison, Mrs Colton's grand daughter and was to be for her graduation from 8th grade. They both spent a lot of time at fabric stores choosing the fabrics and making a plan. The puzzle with this quilt was the batting. It was heavy and almost impossible to stitch. The quilter had given up working by hand and had switched to machine quilting first with nylon thread which must have been breaking, then to cotton thread. So our plan was to remove all the quilting, take out the heavy cotton batting, take the muslin off the back put it back together with a nice thin cotton batting and a beautiful pink back. Now Allison is 16 and is going to get her quilt from Grandma. We took it to Boston with us, met Allison's dad at our Hotel and off the flower garden goes to a very special girl! Grandma would be pleased.



Pineapple Log Cabin Quilt

Anna Belle Pittsley of  New Berlin, NY brought us a lovely "Pineapple Log Cabin" quilt top which was made in the early 1900's by Lela Bailey who lived on Rte 8 in New Berlin and was the wife of Elias Bailey. She was a housewife who made her own clothes and did beautiful hand work. This quilt is pieced onto a foundation fabric, many different ones actually, as she used scraps of dresses for the foundations. The log cabin blocks are pieced of many fabrics too. We have counted five cream shirtings and three blues. The border is a different blue. Anna Belle asked us to work some magic on the quilt then hand quilt it so that she can give it away to her children and grandchildren. The top was quite crooked so we took the borders off, took some of the blocks apart, trimmed, pressed and put it all back together. We used a thin cotton batt, added lots of hand quilting then made a blue bias binding which we cut from Jo Morton reproduction fabric. Anna Belle has more quilts in the attic and we can't wait to start working on one of those. 

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