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Heartworks Customer Testimonials and good times!

What a nice note!

Here is the quilt, and a beauty it is.


Our friend Jeannine wanted a new sewing studio to go

with her brand new Baby Lock Aria. She was dreaming of a

perfect space with a cutting table, drawers, a lift for her Aria, and

lots of work surface. The Tailor Made Quilt Vision fills the bill perfectly.

Jeannine is a happy lady. Have a look!

Are you drooling yet?


Krissy Harmer and Jenny Turo from Hastings, NY

Drove 2 hours for the worm!

They love the worm in the apple on our 2013 Row by Row pattern.

Meet Jeannine the "Bag Lady".

Jeannine loved our 4th Saturday market bag class

and has been on a roll making bags as gifts, and for herself of course!

The latest bags are for her grandchildren for Halloween.


How cute are these?



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