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Deb Strain, yahoo!


Deb is an artist, who designs beautiful fabric for Moda. She is coming to Fly Creek to visit Heartworks on August 12 and will be speaking at the Fly Creek Fire Hall at 2PM.
Deb Strain

Deb Strain is Coming to Fly Creek August 12 th 2PM
Designing Fabric-Deb Strain  Deb loves to speak with Quilters about the artistic process of  fabric  design! A 20 year veteran of the industry, she loves to share  how her hand drawn and hand painted artwork evolves and becomes lovely fabric by Moda. Using her original artwork for fabrics actually produced, Deb will guide us through the design process from initial concept to delivery of fabric to your favorite (Heartworks) quilt store. Deb's demonstration will end with a parade of 20-30 quilts, made over the years from her fabrics, and undoubtedly will provide us with ideas for future quilts. Fun stories of how she got started and adventures along the way, will make this a light hearted yet informative presentation. Questions will be welcome throughout Deb's journey. Tickets to Deb's presentation $20 cash or check available at Heartworks

Shirley Robinson ~ Certified Quilt Appraiser
August 12th 9:30-3PM at the Fly Creek Fire Hall 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Quilt Appraisals ~ Why would I need one?
The first reason is to have an appraisal for insurance purposes: Without an appraisal, if your quilt is damaged or lost your homeowners' insurance company will say, "Here's $30. Go get yourself a new blanket". This fact is the reason that most of the national quilt shows require an appraisal to be submitted with a quilt entry.

A second reason for an appraisal would be to determine a fair market value in the event you are planning to sell your quilt.
A third reason for an appraisal is to determine the value for a tax deduction if you are donating a quilt to a charity. Additionally, many quiltmakers who have made a beautiful quilt to give as a gift, decide to have the quilt appraised so that the recipient will realize the value of the quilt.
Finally, you may simply be curious to learn about an old quilt that you found in a trunk in Aunt Lucy's attic.
Each appraisal includes a written report, photograph, a copy of Shirley's qualifications and information on the care of quilts. The fee for an appraisal is $30.
If you would like to have a quilt appraised, call us to make an appointment and pay the appraisal fee. Appraisals take about 1/2 hour and space is limited.

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Let us help with that!

Hand quilting

Long arm quilting by Chris

Big or small, Chris can do them all! Drop your quilts

off here,Chris will pick them up and return them here for you. Her prices are reasonable, her work is beautiful and she is speedy.

Yes, she quilts table runners too.

Custom machine quilting by Julie

Julie is the "Queen of custom quilting" and she does it all on her sewing machine. Now when Julie talks to you about your quilt, you will know that you are talking to a friend!

Hand Quilting-

we do that to so if you have a treasure that needs to be hand quilted give us a shout!

A quilt isn't a quilt until it's quilted!

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